Introducing: MobFox Native Ads

Time to say goodbye to banner ads. Earn up to five times your banner eCPM and improve your app's user experience by implementing high-performing, fully customizable native ads from MobFox. Now available for iOS, Android and Mobile Web.

Platform Features

1 Open Source SDK

Our iOS and Android SDKs are open-source on GitHub and allow you to integrate banner, video and native ads!

30+ ad networks integrated

Over 30 ad networks are integrated into our platform by default. Using our custom event tools you can easily add support for new networks.

Dynamic Floor Prices

Use dynamic floor pricing to set minimum CPMs per country & platform so you never show an ad unless it pays the price you want.

1 Platform, all Ad Formats

The MobFox platform supports banner ads, interstitials, video, and native ad units across iOS, Android and Mobile Web.

More Revenue through RTB

The MobFox Real-Time-Bidding Exchange always runs in the background and competes with your ad networks so you always earn the best price for every ad impression.

Full Control

See every ad that is running in your apps in real-time. Manage granular filters & block lists to prevent un-wanted ads from showing up in your app.

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