The Story of MobFox

MobFox from the beginning…

MobFox was born at the dawn of mobile programmatic ad technology – circa 2010 in Austria. From a young age, MobFox serviced the needs of publishers and advertisers worldwide, offering the best RTB technology of both worlds, with a brilliant SSP and exchange.


Joining the Matomy Family

As time went on, MobFox became so successful that they gained the attention of leading global media and advertising company, Matomy Media Group Ltd. (LSE: MTMY; TASE: MTMY.TA), who acquired the company and adopted MobFox’s technology into its own family of advanced programmatic solutions in 2014.


Focus on Developers

In 2016, striving to create the ultimate experience for both advertisers and publishers, MobFox devoted itself to becoming a publisher-first smarter monetization platform while it’s self-serve DSP grew and evolved into myDSP.

MobFox Today

Combining the latest data-driven technology and dedicated service, MobFox has developed a smarter platform that puts our publishers’ needs first. We pride ourselves on the integrity of our network and the quality of our product that enables publishers to get the most out of their mobile ad inventory in a transparent and user-friendly environment.

Your Team at MobFox

Smart, tech-obsessed problem solvers who are dedicated to creating the best platform for simplified monetization and mediation make up your team. Work personally with our account managers to ensure that you make the most of your supply and maximize revenue.

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