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An Exchange for the Better

The MobFox Exchange expands your ad reach to the whole planet and lets you attract premium inventory, leading to increased performance from every ad. Our massive collection of ad units ensures wide exposure and highly successful campaigns.

  • Reach: 200+ billion ad requests a month
  • 300 million unique visitors
  • Integration Open RTB 2.3 protocol for easy integrationdeveloper_rightt
    Global Reach

    Access over 200 billion ad requests per month for maximum scale and global reach with a single integration.

  • No buying fees
  • High SDK adoption
  • Multiple formats: Banners, Full Screen, Rich Media, Video (VAST) and Nativedeveloper_rightt
    Easy Integration

    Open RTB 2.3 and full support for all ad formats.

Max Your Monetization
with the MobFox Exchange

With our rapid SDK download and simple integration, you can access a massive number of DSPs in record time. Watch as our demand network turns your business goals – monetization, ad quality, user experience – into reality with the help of our optimization algorithm.

  • Unique ad request optimization technology to maximize yield
  • Support for PMP and direct deals
  • developer_rightt
  • Connect to 175+ DSPs and demand partners offering global campaigns
  • High eCPM, fill rates and competitive payment terms
  • developer_rightt

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