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Mobfox is a data-driven platform that facilitates traffic between mobile application publishers and advertisers.

Combining the latest technology and dedicated service, we pride ourselves on the integrity and quality of our service, enabling our publishers to get the most from their mobile ad inventory in a transparent and user-friendly way.

Focus on Developers

Mobfox provides app developers an easy, intuitive way to insert ads and manage ad traffic on their applications with our smarter monetization platform – also known as a supply-side platform (SSP) or Mobile Advertising Platform.

The easytouse platform is designed to make inventory management as straightforward as it gets while maximizing revenue.

Mobfox offers publishers unique audience insights, and uses these insights to enrich requests and thus maximize the value publishers earn from their inventory. 

Mobfox’s Autopilot streamlines mediation to automatically achieve the maximum revenue possible. When implemented, the proprietary algorithm tracks all the publishers’ traffic, analyzes performance, and automatically optimizes mediation, finding the best demand for ad placements, in real time. Learn more about smarter mediation with Mobfox.

How Exactly does Mobfox Support App Developers and Publishers?

Mobfox is a mediation platform – also known as a supply-side platform (SSP) or mobile advertising platform – that enables and optimizes the serving of ads on the publishers’ apps in order to generate income. This includes:

  • Implementation of ads in the app
  • Setting up a monetization plan
  • Increasing advertising fill rate
  • Maximizing revenue

Mobfox is dedicated to giving publishers full control over their in-app advertising. While all these services are available through our user-friendly self-serve platform, the Mobfox support team is available and more than happy to help when needed.

Where Ads Meet Ad Requests: Programmatic Advertising Explained

In-app advertising happens through a digitized, programmatic (automated) exchange. This is where ads from demand partners or advertisers meet ad requests from apps. If there is a match, the system generates a deal and the ads are displayed on the app. These sophisticated digital transactions take only a few milliseconds.

During that extremely short amount of time, our advanced data-driven tech accurately matches these ads and finds the best placement (from an inventory of possible ad placements) for each and every one of them. For example, if a publisher only wants to display ads targeted at 18-25 year-olds, that’s what he will get. In parallel, on the demand side, advertisers can make similar decisions about the ideal placement of their creatives. The more precise these specifications are, the better the match will be, resulting in a higher click-through rate and improved revenue.

Specified criteria mean that users see ads that they are most likely to be interested in and advertisers get better value for their money, which in turn increases app revenue. It’s the ad-tech happiness triangle; users-publishers-advertisers.

Control Over How, Where and When Ads are Displayed

With Mobfox, the app publisher has full control over what gets displayed. Similarly, advertisers have control over where their ads are shown.

We make sure that apps only get legitimate ads and that publishers can define what age group or behavioral category advertisers could target through their app. Publishers can block ads from certain sources such as competitors.

For even more control, publishers and advertisers can create and manage direct deals with the help of our expert sales team through our private marketplace

Can it get any better?

Of course. By downloading the Mobfox SDK, publishers can get their hands on some seriously smart tech – for free. The SDK comes a premium toolbox with our advanced analytics tool, smarter mediation, audience insights for bid enrichment, built-in viewability metrics and the Mobfox ad quality guarantee. The SDK also lets you access a group of SDKonly DSPs to further increase your fill rate, and speed up your render rate – thanks to the direct connection with the exchange.

Which formats does Mobfox support?

All major in-app formats – video, banner, interstitial, native and rich media ads – can be displayed through Mobfox. Check out how ads will actually appear by downloading the Mobfox Demo App.

What about GDPR? 

Mobfox is fully GDPR compliant, and we are doing our utmost to keep apps and brands safe from any type of fraudulent or bad traffic. Read up on how we do it. 

Our History

Mobfox was born at the dawn of mobile programmatic ad technology – circa 2010 in Austria.

Since then, Mobfox has grown to become a leading, global independent mobile advertising platform, always looking to be ahead of the curve, with a work environment nurturing creativity, innovation and dedication.

Your Team at Mobfox

Smart, tech-obsessed problem solvers who are dedicated to creating the best platform for simplified monetization and mediation make up your team.

Gil Klein

Managing Director

The Mobfox ship is steered by Gil Klein, who joined the parent company in 2006, and has held a number of senior positions in the organization, including EVP of Media and SVP of Clients.

Kumaran Sambandam

VP Mobfox Exchange

With 12+ years of management experience in the advertising technology industry, Kumaran has done wonders building Mobfox’s ad exchange into a multi-million dollar success story.

Michael Ionita-Ganea

Director of Technology

Michael Ionita-Ganea leads the SSP R&D team and operations at our Vienna branch, and is the reason why Mobfox is so great at merging technology with business.

Anat Halbrecht

Director of Strategic Partnerships, North America

Anat leads our strategic supply partnerships team in North America and is an expert at driving app growth and building successful monetization strategies for app developers.

Amit Liss

Director of Supply Partnerships

At Mobfox for 5 years, Amit knows the ins & outs of the SSP world unlike any other. He’s an expert at making sure our publishers get the most out of every inch of their mobile ad inventory.

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