Turn Your Ideal Audiences
Into Real Audiences

Leverage Mobfox’s Behavioral Audiences to meet your marketing goals by
engaging with highly-segmented users.

Choose from a selection of Behavioral Audiences from the Mobfox catalog.


Create custom fit audiences for your campaigns with the Mobfox demand team.

Use the deal IDs provided to start targeting your ideal audiences on your next campaign.

Access Verified Users on the Mobfox Behavioral Platform

Achieve your campaign KPIs with reach of over 250 million daily active users across the globe.

Mobfox Behavioral Data Breakdown: Behavioral Platform

  • GPS location data

  • Behavioral data

  • Demographic insights

Combining first and third-party data, we offer real insight into the lives of your best consumers. Mobfox’s data is derived from
multiple sources, including: first-party data from direct publishers, SDK integrations, the Mobfox exchange, and the mobile
demand-side platform, myDSP.

Target Your Ideal Audiences with Mobfox

Our team is here to help you find the right audience for your brand. Check out our
active audience segments, or request a customized audience from our team.

Always True, Always Transparent

Mobfox employs multiple internally-developed and 3rd party tools – such as MOAT and Pixalate – to ensure
high viewability and brand-safe campaigns for our demand partners