3 Days with No Office? Have a Hackathon!

Mobfox Team
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Recently, our R&D team in Vienna moved to a new space but we faced a slight snag in our plans. Between leaving the old office and settling into our new home, we had a three-day gap. Without an office, and armed with just our laptops, the team only had one clear option: Host a hackathon, of course!

We set up shop in a rented space and got to work immediately.

Goals for the hackathon

1. Don’t waste resources while moving.
2. Gain new knowledge and experiment with code & tech that we normally don’t get a chance to.
3. Step out of our comfort zones and think outside the box.

How did we use our time?

Our employees split into different groups and started exploring various code. It was awesome to see different teammates working together.

Lessons learned

It was surprising to see that everyone on the team chose practical, relevant, smart ideas to work on. When the groups finally presented their projects at the end of the hackathon, it was clear that they took time to choose projects that matched the technology and business goals of the company.

The results of the hackathon

These three days were not only a nice change of pace, and ended up being surprisingly productive. Perhaps it was the new environment or the lack of a typical schedule and routine – either way, this was an awesome experience for the team and it led to positive results for both our employees and the business.

One of the results that came out of it was a new moneymaking algorithm that has been a hit with our publishers. Another was spreading internal knowledge and skills among different teammates.

As the final day came to an end everyone got together and presented their new solutions and the work they achieved over the past three days.

All in all, it was an awesome and successful internal event for our Vienna team, and no doubt we’ll do another in the near future.


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