In-App Fraud and 3 Easy Steps to Prevent It [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Fraud – one of the 2018 adtech buzzwords (well, after GDPR), and a scary one at that.

Fraud is a serious issue – with creative masterminds on the other end doing their best to take a big bite out of your fiscal revenue. Luckily enough advertisers and publishers can make sure that ad metrics received are indeed real and your budget does not leak into the pocket of someone else.

Unfortunately during the last few years there has been a significant shift from desktop or mobile web fraud toward in-app fraud. Sophisticated and light weight malware can now find its way into the app and steal ad revenue by opening invisible windows in the background.  According to Juniper Research advertisers will lose $51 million per day on fraudulent activity in 2018.

Advertisers and publishers on the other hand need to be a step ahead to protect their budget and inventories. We have compiled a simple 3 step best practice list to help you protect your brand.

Step #1: Trade on safe platforms – like the Mobfox SSP!
Only trade on platforms that have built-in anti-fraud tools, like Pixalate.

Step #2: Look at the performance!
If the performance of a platform looks unusual – DON’T use it. Mobfox’s partnership with MOAT ensures that you are only buying viewable and verified inventory.

Step #3: Verified data is good data!
Choose platforms with built in anti-fraud protection that allow you to target only GDPR compliant, real users – like Mobfox.

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