5 Tips to Kick-Start Your Mobile Revenue Strategy in Q1 2018

Shirley Schiffer
Supply Partnerships Manager
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Welcome to a brand new year with new tech, new trends, and new revenue. After the holiday rush and end-of-year excitement, we begin anew in January. It’s a relatively quiet month in the advertising industry as advertisers reassess, build, and plan their budgets for the year. This year we’ve prepared some revenue-driving tips to make sure you have an awesome Q1.

Tip #1: Decrease floor prices

You’ve heard it a million times before, but the stats don’t lie. The beginning of the year is the beginning of a slowdown. That’s why we suggest you reevaluate your eCPM, and adjust your floor prices to match advertisers’ budget limitations in early Q1. Then once the season picks up, gradually increase your floor prices as their budgets grow.

Tip #2: Move to more effective integration

This season, skip the mediator by integrating your monetization partner’s SDK. Want more demand, a higher fill rate, and a better render rate? Integrating your SSP’s SDK can help. For example, at Mobfox, our SDK publishers enjoy easier, faster, and smarter monetization with data-enriched ad requests, stronger demand, built-in Moat viewability metrics, improved ad quality, and increased revenue as a result. Mobfox publishers can download our SDK on Github here.

Tip #3: Be as transparent as possible

A simple way to make your mobile inventory more appealing to advertisers is by passing on all relevant parameters within ad requests. Along with must-have parameters like bundle ID and device ID, you should also consider including relevant information you have about your users, such as age, gender, and location to enrich your ad requests and expose your inventory to more advertising campaigns. We’ve seen incredible results from publishers who enriched their requests with gender data from our DMP – up to 200% in CPM!

Tip #4: Move from a traditional waterfall to new mediation tools

Q1 is the perfect time to test out new tech! You can easily save time and resources by embracing header bidding-type solutions and auto-mediation. With server-side header bidding-type solutions recently made popular for in-app traffic from Google and Amazon, you can promote your app inventory on multiple ad exchanges simultaneously to get the highest bid possible. Feel free to try out these solutions and other AI-based tools like auto-mediation, which automatically optimizes your inventory, prioritizes the best demand for your placements, and builds your waterfall.

Tip #5: Open your traffic to more demand partners

Each SSP and exchange works with a variety of external and internal verification tools for managing demand, however sometimes these tools can be overly sensitive and close relevant demand partners from your inventory. Carefully review your list of demand partners in your SSP and check that you’re not missing out on any quality advertisers that can give you a good boost to your revenue. You can even manually approve or block advertisers based on your preferences.


*Bonus tip: With all of these tips combined, you should see a steady stream of revenue this year. But as you’re making updates to your monetization strategy, it’s important to keep your mediation partners in the loop. It’s our job to make sure you get the best fill rate possible. By giving us a heads up about any big plans down the road: new apps, releases, or general mediation updates, we can ensure a seamless process and avoid any disruptions to your monetization.

See all the tips on our slideshare:


Let us know if you have any questions, and feel free to add your own tips in the comments below!

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