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Want to learn more about your best users and acquire more of them? Now you can! The foxes have been busy adding advanced audience analytics & tools that will give publishers a deeper understanding of their users’ in-app behavior and see which users contribute the most revenue to their app. These tools will also enable publishers to target new, lookalike users directly through the Mobfox platform.

Want $100 to try it out? 25 lucky developers who click to target lookalike users inside our platform will receive $100 free for their campaign. To participate make sure you have the latest version of our Android or iOS SDK.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Log in to your account. If you don’t already have one, you can still sign up to Mobfox to participate.
  2. Once inside the Mobfox platform you will see our new Publisher Analytics. Here you can learn audience insights* about your best users.

*If you don’t see audience insights, it means you haven’t downloaded the latest version of our SDK. Click here to get the latest version of the Android or iOS SDK. Once it is integrated, you will be able to unlock all of our new audience features as well as the $100 bonus.

  1. Click the “Create Campaigns” button to get $100 free to target these new users.

We’ll take care of the rest: organizing your targeted audiences, the campaign – and we’ll even provide you with your own account manager.

Ready to get started? Grab your free $100 & start targeting new users.

Remember, the only thing you’ve got to lose are more potential users.


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