Bringing Mobfox to China – A Mobfox Road Trip

Eli Hotoveli
Senior Supply Sales & Business Delvelopment Manager
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Working in China is different. Previously we discussed what you need to know before you jump into the ad tech market in China and now it’s time to dig a little deeper and give you a closer look at what it really means to work there, with some lessons we’ve learned on the road in China.

Going local in China

For Mobfox, it was clear that we needed a local face in China, someone to represent our business and engage our clients in person. Before we set up shop, we had already been establishing communication with some of the top developers in the country, but reaching local publishers and independent app developers required something more – it required boots on the ground. This is when we brought on our local business development manager, Vincent Zhang.

Thanks to Vincent’s background, experience, and cultural understanding, we were able to grasp a few fundamentals about ad tech in China, most importantly – the Chinese market is built on relationships. Meeting a business partner face-to-face, going to lunch, or just grabbing a cup of coffee, is much more effective than sending a business proposal via email or WeChat. Of course, don’t forget that one of the big benefits you can offer your APAC partners is your international team and network. This is why I went to Beijing and joined Vincent on the road.

Mobfox hits the road

On the road, we got a chance to meet with many partners, spread the word about Mobfox, and hear directly from Chinese app developers – learning what they’re looking for, understanding their needs, and seeing how we can better meet those needs. Here are a few pictures from our trip:




Granted we learned a lot from our trip, and we received some feedback that helped us make some smart tech decisions later on. For example, due to the “great fire wall of China,” a server endpoint outside of China simply isn’t enough. An ad request and/or ad response crossing the firewall can experience latency issues, which puts impressions at risk of being timed out. While Mobfox has already expanded with data endpoints in APAC, including a Tokyo endpoint, this new insight has led us to expand those services further, including adding a server in mainland China in the future.

Post-road trip

After the road trip, we’ve seen great growth in activity over there, and we’ve already started working with some of China’s top publishers such as DU apps and Sungy. With plans to continue growing our team and presence on a local level, we can’t wait to see what this year will bring.  ​



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