It’s (Not) All About Fill Rate

Osnat Koenig
Director of Sales & Business Development
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The times they are a changin. We have seen the dawn of the GDPR age, new formats, and new placement opportunities are popping up left and right. But CPMs and fill rates are still considered the primary metrics when app developers quantify their in-app advertising success. But judging from recent developments in the Adtech industry, it’s time to break the duopoly of CPM and fill rate and begin to incorporate some other, possibly more sophisticated metrics that are relatively new to the programmatic lexicon.

Viewability and ad quality

The two most obvious additions to our Adtech vocabulary are viewability and ad quality. Thanks to the changing regulatory environment (yes, we are talking about that acronym that begins with G), understanding users and serving them better just became a higher priority. Due to the GDPR anyone can revoke their previous agreement with a provider and opt out of their service, and may be more inclined to do so when the ads are intrusive and irrelevant to them.

When data like viewability and quality statistics are taken seriously, users can be provided with ads that are interesting and relevant for them – increasing engagement rate, reducing the risk of opt-out, benefitting users, publishers and advertisers all at the same time.

That’s what you call a win-win-win.

Users first

So let’s start a new discourse, with a new vocabulary. Let’s get CPM and fill rate out of the way for a second and talk about new formats with a greater promise of engagement – like video, including in-stream and out-stream options. We don’t need to look hard to find encouraging data, either. According to a recent survey conducted in India 40% of smartphone users prefer to watch advertisements in video format.

To stay ahead of the game, at Mobfox we partnered up with two industry leading service providers: GeoEdge and Moat. GeoEdge filters for quality ad content, helping publishers to increase ad quality on their platforms. Moat ensures that viewability metrics are accurate and, thus, that revenue truly reflects performance. Both services are readily available on the Mobfox platform for all subscribers – even when making direct deals with media buyers and other advertisers.

If we honor our users by examining the metrics that demonstrate value for them and not just for publishers and advertisers – we might just increase engagement and revenue. Plus we make sure programmatic stays an advertiser favorite.

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