GDPR: Finding The Silver Lining

Barak Shavit
Project Manager
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The first articles that hit the internet a day after the GDPR were a cause of concern for anyone working in AdTech. The news described what we considered a worst case scenario until May 25. A plunge in traffic and budget invested. Advertisers putting a stop on their ad spending, while app developers paused their EU traffic in fear of violations

But as much as getting ready for the GDPR was a headache, and the prospects of entering a heavily regulated ecosystem terrified everybody – the change did have a some positive aspects to it.

Yes, we might have lost some of the data. An anonymous chunk of information that left us with a certain fraud-y aftertaste, and gave a bad name to the industry. Instead, the GDPR gave us the final push to enter a new era of legal, consented data that is rich in mineable details.

Ready, steady

We, at Mobfox can already see the advantages of this new system. About two weeks after the GDPR deadline we can see the traffic returning to our platforms – what’s more, have detected a 7.5% uptick in ad spending.

It’s important to note though, that these results haven’t come easily to us. We did our utmost to prepare for the regulatory change. We complied with the guidelines of the International Advertising Bureau’s (IAB) Transparency and Consent Framework. The Framework standardizes the capture of user consent for data processing and “signals” this information across the advertising supply chain. We have also ensured that when passing an ad request we drop all personally identifiable information where we are not 100% sure about the consent status.

Thanks to this partnership our publishers can be assured that data coming through Mobfox is GDPR compliant and clean. Users’ rights are respected and we are ready to take advantage of the high quality data and assist our partners with building mutually respectful, value-building relationships with their audience.


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