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It’s been six years since Giving Tuesday was organized and recognized internationally as a day and movement that celebrates philanthropy. But the movement goes beyond a day, and a number of people on our team are passionately involved with various foundation and charities all year long. In honor of Giving Tuesday we wanted to share a few words on their behalf about their work and the charities they care about.

Maayan Karstaedt & Lobby 99

In addition to serving as our Organizational Development HR, Maayan is the marketing and recruitment coordinator for Lobby 99, a non-profit organization that promotes socioeconomic matters, economic reform, and transparency in the Israeli government through hired lobbyists. Lobby 99 is fully democratic, has no political or religious affiliation, and is entirely crowdfunded from its over 2,400 members, whose proceeds support three full-time lobbyists. Want to learn more about Lobby 99? Visit its website:, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Pamela Becker & Jeremy’s Circle

Pamela isn’t just our VP of Global Marketing, she’s also the co-founder of Jeremy’s Circle, a non-profit that organizes fun activities for kids and their families who are living through cancer. The organization provides all transportation, activities, venues, refreshments, and chaperones for every event – with events occurring during school breaks and holidays to make it convenient for both children and parents. You can learn more about Jeremy’s Circle by visiting its website:

Omri Zohar & Bshvil

Omri is the head of our DSP platform, myDSP, and a co-founder and group leader of the non-profit foundation, Bshvil. The organization focuses on helping veterans overcome their “invisible scars” through therapeutic journeys and group activities in nature. You can read more about Bshvil here.


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