Incentivized Mobile Monetization — Challenges and Opportunities in 2015

Yehonatan Reut
Senior Business Analyst & Fraud Specialist
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Since 2012, the mobile games industry has grown rapidly at an annual 27% rate, according to a report by the games market research company NewZoo. Today 80% of all app revenue originates from money spent on games. By 2017, mobile games revenue will reach $35 billionworldwide, a 19% increase over 2013 worldwide mobile games revenue.

The reasons for this rapid growth is the Asian market and the increasing popularity of smartphones in both developing and developed countries.
The growth in the global mobile games market is robust, but a serious pain point remains: alarmingly low monetization rate of players.

Despite being a multi-billion-dollar market, 95% of all mobile games players don’t pay to play.

Leveraging the success of our online game monetization solution, Matomy’s Virtual Currency department has recently released a new line of products to help mobile developers monetize their non-paying players: a mobile offer wall and mobile in-game placements. Combined with our in-house publisher network of more than 16,000 registered digital media sources, which offers a variety of banners, pops and interstitials, Matomy offers game developers an end-to-end solution for user monetization — both incentivized and non-incentivized.

mobile offer wallMobile Offer Wall Helps Solve Monetization Challenge
As mobile devices continue to grow in popularity as the primary platform for games, the industry is presented with a range of new opportunities, but also challenges in the form of new types fraud and risk management assessment. In response to these changes, Matomy’s new Mobile Offer Wall includes proprietary advanced protection layers and easy-to-use tools that benefit clients from both sides.

Some highlights of our new incentivized mobile monetization platform include:

  • An updated multi-layered fraud prevention system built for the mobile ecosystem.
  • Advanced tools that reveal attempts to hide users GEO location or the use of any proxy and VPN services
  • The ability to eliminate over 99% of virtual machine attempts to attack our servers, because of our close relations with top cyber-protection companies
  • Real-time online assessments of transactions, and the ability to block user sessions due to our clients’ needs
  • The elimination of duplicate users on the same offers, even if they used multiple accounts with different location or IPs

These new advancements allow us to maintain our monetization rates and high eCPM without the fear of exposing our partners to risks often seen in F2P games and incentivized platforms. They also allow us to produce more quality leads and sales for our advertisers. As a result, the game monetization is more efficient, accurate and customized to the publishers’ needs.

Looking Ahead
The infrastructure that we have created with the Matomy Mobile Offer Wall, and the new features implemented in response to the growth of mobile online games, will help pave the way to a cross-platform future for mobile games monetization.

Today, our mobile offer wall features hundreds of offers from more than 130 different countries on iOS and Android. As the song says, “We have only just begun.”

If you are a mobile app developer interested in monetizing your non-paying users, click here to join our network.

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