Why India Is a Rising Star in the 2018 Mobile Landscape

Suzanne Kagan
Marketing Manager
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What, you aren’t in India yet?

Nearly 1.90 billion internet users reside in Asia-Pacific, making up more than half of the world’s digital population. India is widely considered the second fastest-growing advertising market in Asia after China, and is expected to show significant growth in mobile advertising spending. Just take a quick look at 2016, when mobile ad spend accounted for $250 million and rose nearly 85% to $460 million in 2017. Now triple that number and you’ll get the expected mobile ad spend for 2021: $1.73 billion.

Is mobile-only replacing mobile-first in India?

India is expected to see the fastest internet user growth rates of any country in APAC over the next few years as the cost of smartphones continue to drop and 3G and 4G coverage expands countrywide. It’s clear that working with India requires a mobile-first, if not a mobile-only strategy.


India is expected to see the fastest internet user growth rates of any country in APAC.

Last year, mobile users in India ranked #1 in downloading the most number of apps from the Google Play app store with over 6 billion app downloads. And, with Google launching a lighter version of Android OS and Google Play Store in India that number will only grow. The country already has a huge indie app development community with most developers residing in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore. This is one of the many reasons why Mobfox recently decided to establish a local presence directly out of Bangalore with our new Director of Strategic Partnerships Karan Talwar. With a strong background in mobile advertising and business development, Karan is leading Mobfox’s expansion in the India and SEA programmatic mobile advertising market and supporting our localization efforts in the region.


Mobfox Director of Strategic Partnerships, India & SEA Karan Talwar at NASSCOM Game Developer Conference

“With the current boom in smartphone penetration and video on-demand technology, all roads in India point to mobile advertising. There is enormous potential for Mobfox to take the Indian advertising market by storm,” said Karan Talwar.

We couldn’t agree more.

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