Inside the Mobfox SSP: Unknown Tips & Tricks for Mobile Publishers

Barak Shavit
Project Manager
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Today we’re going to dig deep inside the Mobfox platform and uncover a whole bunch of tips, features, and tools like multiple inventories, filters, floor prices, auto mediation, reports….If any of these sound new to you – get ready to be amazed because we’re going to show you how to make the most of the Mobfox platform, and, of course, how to increase your revenue. Best of all, these tips are yours for the keeping. Ready?

Tip #1: Create new inventories

Have you tried splitting your traffic? Creating multiple inventories will offer better optimization opportunities and increased revenue. You can split your inventories based on operating system, ad format (interstitial, video, native…), tier, and more, simply by placing Mobfox on different points along your waterfall.

Tip #2: Add the Mobfox SDK

If you haven’t implemented the Mobfox SDK, you’re missing out. Our upgraded SDK offers improved latency, transparency, an HQ video player, and data-powered capabilities including request enrichment, advanced audience segmentation, and user behavior. It only takes one line of code to implement, and at only 200K, it’s a small addition to your app and a huge addition to your business. You can download it here from GitHub.

Tip #3 Filter your inventory

Did you know you can easily add filters and block IAB categories (app categories) and ad types (audio, expandable, text-only…) with Mobfox? You can find this tool under My Inventories in the Publisher section of the platform.

Tip #4 Use the Integration reports

Just finished integrating? Under My Inventories in the Integration section, you can access real-time reports with updates that track your requests, ads served, impressions, clicks, and earnings for the past 30 minutes or within the last two hours. These reports will also let you know that you’re officially integrated and tracking is up and running.

Tip #5 Floor Prices

How often do you update your floor prices? Defining your floor prices will give you higher CPM rates by enabling only high bidding demand partners to compete on your traffic. This is a great way to optimize results and increase your overall revenue.

Tip #6 Optimizing with the Auto Pilot

Have you met our auto-optimization tool, Auto Pilot? The Mediation Auto Pilot automatically collects and analyzes data from various monetization platforms and exchanges you’re connected with, prioritizes them, and finds the best demand sources with the highest revenue potential for you. You can find the Auto Pilot in the platform right after logging in to your account.

Tip #7 Look beyond the main report

When you first enter your Mobfox account, the main report is front and center on your dashboard. But there are a few reports & review features that offer an even more in-depth look. For example, if you go into the Reporting section, you’ll find Publisher Reporting which includes a report that takes into account additional features such as ad type, device type, country, device OS, demand partner, creative size, sub ID and so on.

Tip #8 See what’s behind the Exchange Configuration

Hidden within the Publisher section, you’ll find the Exchange Configuration. This section includes some really cool tools like a Creative Review, where you can preview any advertiser’s creatives before they appear on your app.

*Bonus tip: If you’re a direct publisher, you can also view all demand partners that are bidding on your traffic, and see the geos, average revenue and eCPM for each demand partner, from within the Exchange Configuration.


And, that’s it – for now! It’s time for you to explore the platform!

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