Mobfox Acquisition – Benefits to Matomy Publishers and Advertisers

Yossi Tarablus
Marketing Director
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Matomy’s acquisition of Mobfox has added several new capabilities to a revamped Matomy Mobile performance advertising solution. It brings mobile programmatic advertising solutions via the MobFox DSP, SSP and a single gateway for mobile, video and native ad inventory management through a real-time bidding (RTB) marketplace, enabling publishers and advertisers to extend their web monetization and distribution to mobile.

Here Are Some of the Benefits Our Partners Will Enjoy:

Reach, Reach and More Reach – Gain Exposure to New Media Sources and Targeting Capabilities.

  • Mobfox has access to billions of mobile video ad impressions daily.
  • More than 30 ad networks are integrated into the MobFox platform. Using its custom events tools publishers can easily connect new networks. Learn More »
  • The MobFox RTB Exchange is connected to more than 40 demand-side platforms that bid on your ad inventory in real-time. Learn More »

Transparency – Scale up Your Campaigns with Clarity and Confidence.

  • Deep-dive into billions of banner, native and video ad impressions available from Mobfox supply partners, enabling you to pre-build lists of publishers to white- or blacklist for your campaigns.
  • Cut-and-dice inventory reports by exchange, country, device and much more.
  • See every ad that is running in your apps in real time. Manage granular filters and block lists to prevent unwanted ads for appearing in your app.

Management Tools – All You Need in Order to Maximize Your Mobile Results.

  • The Mobfox Publisher Platform supports banner ads, interstitials, video, and native ad units across iOS, Android and mobile web. Learn More »
  • Use dynamic floor pricing to set minimum CPMs per country and platform so you never show an ad unless it pays the price you want.
  • Mobfox’s iOS and Android SDKs are open-source on GitHub, allowing publishers to integrate banner, video and native ads. Mobfox’s SDK’s are built to use the lowest possible memory footprint so your app doesn’t get larger than it needs to be.

And this is only the beginning. Over the coming weeks and months we will continue to build out the Matomy Mobile performance advertising solution to provide our partners with advanced mobile programmatic advertising solutions.

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