How to integrate the Mobfox SDK (Gradle Installation) [VIDEO]

Juli Kristof
Marketing Manager
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Integrating the Mobfox SDK is easy and fast. Faster than watching this 3-minute video.  Because we stop and explain bits.  That said, Asaf Gaber, Developer Extraordinaire, has prepared a step-by-step video to make sure your integration is quick, smooth and simple…

So…how do you integrate the Mobfox SDK?

Why integrate the Mobfox SDK?

The Mobfox SDK helps make your app monetization even smarter, with additional tools and features – like advanced audience analytics and better viewability metrics powered by MOAT. Thanks to the direct connection with the exchange the SDK enables faster render rates, and your associated analytics data makes your traffic even more appealing to demand partners, thus raising fill rates and revenue. Furthermore, the SDK gives you an extra layer of ad quality protection in addition to GeoEdge, with our advanced internal detection tools.

The SDK supports all ad formats and offers both flexibility and control over your ad inventory. You choose whether the SDK allocates your ads, or if you do it directly through tags.

Weighing in at just 200K – the Mobfox SDK is a lightweight, and the banner-only version is a featherweight, at only 90k.

For more information on the benefits of integration click here.

Wait a minute…what exactly is an SDK?

An SDK is a set of software development tools that enables applications to add certain functionalities – in our case, in-app ads. The Mobfox SDK creates a direct connection between the app and the Mobfox advertising exchange.

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