Mobile Advertising is Exploding in LATAM

Mobfox Team
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We are very excited to report that Mobfox in Latin America has seen significant growth this year. So we sat down with Shlomit Cohen, Lead Business Development LATAM @ Mobfox, to discuss what new developments in LATAM are contributing to the increase in mobile advertising activity.

Q:  Why has Latin America become more attractive to mobile ad publishers and advertisers?

S.C:  Mobile use has exploded over the last few years in LATAM. In 2017, 9 out of 10 people in Latin America with internet connections also had a smartphone, and each of these smartphone users spent over 37 hours a week connected to the web. Now, 350 million people use their smartphones to access the internet which is outdoing even the U.S. Recently, smartphone use has accounted for 60% of the 690 million connections on LATAM mobile networks – compared to 10% in 2012. With an extreme increase like this, we expect more mobile ad publishers and advertisers to become even more active in Latin America.

Q: What is behind this sharp rise?

S.C:  The prices for smartphones have been decreasing and there is a growing variety of affordable phone plans, and this trend is expected to continue. Furthermore, 4G coverage is now available to over 70% of the population in the region and it currently accounts for ¼ of mobile connections. This is almost double that of 2017.  Moreover, 5G networks are also scheduled to be introduced to the area around 2020 with anticipated coverage of half the population by 2025. Aside from the increasing coverage, operators are continuing to get better at monetizing data traffic.

“In the first quarter of this year alone, we saw a staggering 200% revenue increase and a 168% increase in fill rate, compared to 2017.”

Q: What does this mean for Mobfox?

S.C: We have seen amazing growth for Mobfox in LATAM recently. In the first quarter of this year alone, we saw a staggering 200% revenue increase and a 168% increase in fill rate, compared to 2017.

 Thanks to the progression in mobile programmatic we have also seen an increase in DSP activity, advertiser buying, and an increase in the quantity of requests made by publishers. In addition, there was a rise in use of SDK data solutions and more publishers have begun using SDKs to increase performance.

As Latin Americans continue to increase use on their mobile devices there will be more opportunities for both publishers and advertisers in the region. With this multitude of fast paced progressions in the mobile industry, it’s clear why publishers and advertisers should make their move to LATAM.

Q: What is next in LATAM?

S.C: VIDEO VIDEO VIDEO. Advertising that is more engaging, more user friendly, with more budget and of course more revenue!


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