Mobile Survey 2018: Data and More Data [infographic]

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For the 3rd year in a row, we surveyed app developers from across the globe to find out how they feel about the latest trends concerning the 3 big M’s: mobile, monetization, mediation (and more). Now it’s time to share all the awesome insights we learned.

So without further ado, here are the results you’ve all been waiting for:

Knowledge is Power

Surprised? Targeting demographics has been around since the beginning of ads themselves, and when it comes to gathering valuable data for the purpose of a monetization strategy, developers also want a piece of that pie. 53% of developers expressed a high interest in using data to influence their ad strategy.

Breaking it down even further, we can see the specific DMP (data management platform) services that attract the attention of mobile developers:

Behaviors and Interests. Having analytics that show exactly what your audience’s likes are, what they’re buying and how often is crucial – which explains the whopping 78% of app developers who want to know more about their users’ behaviors and interests. This intel gives them the power to pinpoint new potential buyers to-a-T.

Data-Enriched Ad Requests. When it comes to providing more information, such as age, gender, and location of users for the benefit of potential buyers, 65% of app developers we asked are on board. It’s a great bonus – providing you with specific demographics to give to potential ad buyers, which in the long run will bring in even more revenue.

Direct Deals & Audience Targeting. 74% of app developers are interested in direct deals with audience targeting abilities.

Lookalike Targeting. This one’s a game changer! Not only could you gain valuable data about who your best users are, but what if you could target and reach lookalikes of these same users to ultimately to gain even more users? It’s no surprise that 65% of app developers are interested in using data to acquire lookalike users.

Moving Forward with Mediation

When it comes to mediation platforms, app developers aren’t messing around. According to them, the two features in a mediation platform are automated waterfall optimization (51%) and parallel bidding (47%), while the most important feature is server-side header bidding/parallel bidding, with 36%.

And even though many stated they haven’t tried a header-bidding solution yet, 62% are hoping to try one soon. Looks like our 2018 predictions were correct. Expect to hear a lot more about parallel bidding this year.

Curious. But Not Sure

And what proved to be interesting is the fact that most developers are curious about the above DMP services, but 65% of them do not use a specific DMP service at all. Only 35% are actually using DMP services to target their key demographics.

And why are they not using DMP services? Simply stated: “I don’t know about it/I don’t know what it is.” Hmmmmmmm. I guess we know what our next article should be about.

The Biggest Monetization Winner: Mobile Banner Ads

Yes, you heard that right, banners. Even with all the new and video-based ads hitting the scene, 67% of app developers still use banners to monetize their apps. And there’s a simple reason why: banners work. 38% report that most of the revenue for their apps come from, none other than the good ol’ banner. And while this might come as a surprise to some, last year’s survey revealed this insight as well – so it looks like banners aren’t going anywhere.

This doesn’t mean you should count out other video and native to continue their growth in popularity… just don’t underestimate the power of the banner.

Thanks to all the developers who took time to answer our survey! And if you didn’t – feel free to chime in, down below, in the comments. We’d love to hear what you think!


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