Native Advertising: A Love Story

Noam Neumann
VP of Mobile Strategy
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Native advertising, or a form of online advertising that matches the form and function of the media property on which it appears, is a favorite lucrative strategy of many Matomy clients. In fact, a global survey of marketers showed that over half said they’d increase their mobile native ad budget by 25% or more in the next two years.


Why is native advertising becoming more and more popular? Because it is mutually beneficial for advertisers and media partners alike since media partners extend their monetization capabilities while advertisers engage potential consumers via highly customized, high performance ads.

Here are more reasons why native is the way to go:

  • Publishers Love It – Native ads allow publishers to design the ad space to look the way they want it to. Publishers gain additional, high-performing ad real estate that creates a natural extension of site content.
  • It’s Quick – Creating native campaigns is an easy task for advertisers, as it’s automated meaning they don’t need to create a great number of creatives. Some companies even offer a virtual self-service option where one can add content and graphics to the system which then allows them to buy media on a native exchange. An example of this is MobFox’s Native Ad Format.
  • Better Results – Yahoo reported that effectively integrated native adds gain 3X more attention than non-native mobile ads.
  • Fast Serving – One of the mobile industry’s main concerns is serving time. While rich media and video formats supply a great user experience, they are very slow to load. Native, on the other hand, gives a light format that does not require a large bandwidth to load.

Read more about native advertising HERE.

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