Takeaways from AdExchanger’s Programmatic I/O

Gil Klein
Mobfox Managing Director
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As always, attending AdExchanger’s Programmatic I/O last month was inspiring. It was great to see so many familiar faces coming together to brainstorm and share ideas, trends, solutions, and new strategies that will push our industry into the future. Many topics were discussed at the event – mobile RTB, AI, brand safety, data, and more – in over 50 sessions over the course of two days. As always, there were also sessions on header bidding, but that’s yesterday’s news, and I want to focus below on those topics that I expect will have a huge impact in 2018.

Mobfox Managing Director, Gil Klein (left) with VP of Mobfox Exchange, Kumaran Sambandam


Lauded as the newest way to reinforce brand safety, combat fraud, and add additional security into the programmatic ecosystem, ads.txt is already making its mark on desktop. Next step is figuring out how to implement it in in-app. One solution discussed at the conference was adding ads.txt inside the app stores to verify authorized sellers. One thing that remains clear as brand safety remains fundamental – it looks like ads.txt should only strengthen that path.


Speaking of brand safety, a lot of discussion was focused on methods to ensure viewability, like implementing white list strategies, and defining the right KPIs to improve metrics. It’s great to see the industry as a whole moving towards full transparency on all fronts.


If last year was all about data, the hype this year is around AI and how it will transform the advertising landscape. It’s safe to say that both data and AI implementation are key drivers for brands to meet their KPIs. Artificial intelligence will help advertisers better analyze data, determine more effective processes, personalize campaigns, pinpoint the right audiences to target, and understand the personalities and behaviors of those users.

Choosing the right DMP 

Access to clean, accurate data has become a growing priority. More and more advertisers are integrating DMPs to learn valuable insights about their customers, and incorporating this new knowledge to boost campaign performance. But each data management platform offers their own advantage – and knowing which to partner with is an important decision for every business.


Each of these topics are on the minds of advertisers and publishers as we end the year, but one that I know we’re all interested in seeing develop is blockchain technology. There’s a lot of speculation on how it will be adopted into the industry, and I personally can’t wait to see how it will influence the future of advertising.


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