Is Viewability Really a Thing? What You Need to Know

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You may have heard that we’ve recently partnered with Moat, adding enhanced viewability metrics to our offering. Now there’s no doubt viewability is a win for advertisers seeking improved transparency and ad measurements. But it’s also a huge benefit for publishers as well and we’ll explain why. Before we get started, let’s first clarify what is viewability. In this case, we’re referring to an ad in which more than 50% of the banner pixel is viewed by a user for over one second.

Benefits for advertisers and publishers

The advantages of Moat’s metrics are fairly obvious for advertisers. Demand partners get a clearer picture of their ad and tools to optimize their campaigns accordingly. In turn, publishers who offer Moat’s metrics gain exposure to additional demand budgets and higher fill rates.

Adding metrics

There are currently a few different 3rd party vendors who provide viewability as a service. For many of them, the publisher has to reach out directly to a vendor and pay an additional fee to implement their tag inside their app and gain their service. However, if your monetization platform has already integrated with a viewability provider, as Mobfox has, you can receive metrics on your monetized traffic – at no extra cost. These metrics are already built into the Mobfox SDK, so all publishers have to do to offer viewability to their advertisers is integrate the latest version of our SDK.

The future

Viewability has become a greater priority over the last year with more advertisers, especially premium demand, focusing on viewable campaigns. DSPs are also creating more campaigns dedicated to it than ever before, and with more supply than demand, they can be much more selective with their partners.

As viewability and transparency continue to rise in importance industry-wide, performance-based advertisers will also demand improved metrics. Now is the time for publishers to step up and offer reliable metrics for their demand partners.

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