Want a 200% Increase in CPM? Gender Data Is the Key!

Mobfox Team
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Recently we began boosting our publisher ad requests with data-driven gender targeting. And we’ve witnessed some pretty awesome trends as a result! On average, CPMs have increased by 86%! Some of our publishers are seeing as much as a 200% increase in CPM when their ads are enriched with gender data. In other words, our demand partners are seeing such an improved return when their ads are gender targeted that they’re willing to pay a significantly higher rate for this type of traffic.

The best way to leverage Mobfox’s gender data

Even if a publisher hasn’t integrated the Mobfox SDK, they can still take advantage of our data-enhanced ad requests, but only for 10-15% of their traffic. However, once the SDK is integrated, we’re able to more easily analyze the publisher’s data in order to enhance 90% of their inventory with accurate gender, which gives our SDK publishers a greater opportunity to generate a lot more revenue.

Needless to say, the more advertisers know about users, the more impactful their campaigns can be. For Mobfox, gender is just the beginning, but it’s an important step in the right direction for accurate segmented audience targeting that benefits both advertisers and publishers.

What else does the Mobfox SDK offer?

Data-enriched requests aren’t the only reason to integrate the Mobfox SDK. Overall, our SDK publishers experience higher fill rate, more demand, support for all ad formats, an HQ video, better transparency, and improved latency. In fact, we’ve noticed another positive trend for a number of our SDK publishers: a more than 30% jump in render rate! Considering that their ad requests are sent from the app and not via a mediator, it’s not a surprising statistic, but a nice benefit all the same.


Interested in integrating or upgrading your version of the Mobfox SDK? You can find the latest Android version or iOS version on Github.

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