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“Mobfox’s dedicated account managers are not only very attentive and quick to respond, they are always working closely with us to optimize our revenue. Their idea to enrich our ad requests with accurate gender data brought a huge increase in demand for our app.”

- Oguz Erkan, Product Owner, All Goals

With nearly 5 million downloads from over 150 countries, All Goals’ Football Live Scores is one of the leading premier football apps in Europe. The app is available for iOS and Android, and offers live scores for football games, covering more than 400 leagues across the globe, with free push notifications for fans.


All Goals wanted to boost their CPM with high-quality demand by supporting more formats such as video, native, interstitial, and banners through the Mobfox Exchange.

Strategy & Activity

Seeing an opportunity to grow their revenue, All Goals first added Mobfox to their waterfall in August 2017. After integrating the Mobfox SDK, they received more demand across all formats and achieved stable results through August and September. As an SDK publisher, All Goals had access to Mobfox’s full data offering from the Mobfox data platform. They began to enjoy this benefit in mid-September by automatically enriching their ad requests with accurate gender.

Results: 110% Avg. Increase in CPM When Ad Requests Enriched with Data!

After enhancing their ad requests with gender data, the demand for All Goals’ segmented mobile inventory grew and bid prices increased accordingly, resulting in a 110% average increase in CPM for enriched segments and an 8% uplift in their overall CPM for October, compared to September and August. These positive results only continue to grow as more of All Goals’ ad requests are enriched with data-driven targeting.