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“As a small development team, we look for responsive support and ease of use within advertisers that we work with. It was clear that Mobfox would deliver on all fronts, as soon as we started working with them. Since working with Mobfox, we have seen our advertisement revenue significantly increase, and we are happy to say that they are one of our top SSP performers.”

- Aaron Wojnowski, Founder, Musi Inc

With over 8 million downloads and 1 million active users, Musi is an iOS app and organizational tool for YouTube. With Musi, users can build their own music library, create unlimited playlists, share playlists between friends, and more.


Working with a select number of partners, Musi was looking for more demand to fill their inventory and to grow their app’s revenue.

Strategy & Activity

We approached Musi’s goal with a two-pronged strategy: first, focusing on creating a stronger monetization strategy overall and second, using the Mobfox SDK to increase revenue. As Musi has a large amount of traffic, we were able to enhance Mobfox’s demand capabilities and offer better coverage by adding an additional price point to Musi’s waterfall. We also recommended that Musi upgrade from S2S integration to SDK integration. Coupled together, these actions made way for an improved render rate and increased revenue.

Results: Daily Revenue Increased by 31%!

The improved monetization strategy and SDK integration resulted in a significant increase in render rate and revenue for Musi. With the new changes in their waterfall, Musi saw an 8% increase in fill rate and 51% growth in revenue. Within one day of the SDK implementation, Musi’s render rate increased by 16% and their revenue jumped by 31%!