Buy Media Smarter with myDSP

myDSP offers everything you need to maximize your reach and results, including custom automation, data-driven audience targeting, full transparency, and direct access to the Mobfox SSP and other leading supply partners.

Rule Your Campaigns with Custom Automation
Build custom rules and adjust them according to the performance of your campaigns. With the myDSP rule engine, you can define specific triggers to automatically deactivate campaigns, exclude campaigns from targeting, or set a micro bid. You can even keep tabs on your rules with email alerts.
Watch our tutorial to see how our rule engine works
Data-Driven Audience Targeting
Leverage our DMP to reach the right audience for your campaigns. Define your audience using over 15 targeting options including gender for over 800M anonymized users in 52 countries.
Everything You Need to Achieve Your Goals
  • Direct Deals
    Learn how
    to create deals with your top inventory partners by checking out the Mobfox private marketplace, or contact the team to get started.
  • All Ad Formats
    We offer full support
    for all ad formats, including: banners, video, native, 3rd party tags, direct campaign links, and MP4 for in-app
    & mobile web.
  • Full Transparency
    We’ve partnered
    with ad verification provider Pixalate to make sure you always know what you’re buying
    and who you’re buying from!
  • Micro Bidding
    Adjust your bid
    on any site and every creative you upload within a campaign – no matter the size or format. Automatically optimize your bids with our smart rule engine.
  • Actionable Insights
    Pre-plan your media
    buying with myDSP inventory reports, featuring average CPM bid and win prices, as well
    as our impression prediction tools.
  • Dedicated Team
    Sharing optimization
    tips, best bids, new supply sources, app/sites for your ads, and more, myDSP’s superstar success managers are here
    for you!
Leading Supply
Gain access to 50 billion impressions daily with premium inventory from Mobfox
and our industry-leading supply partners.