Mobfox Mediation Simplifies
Your Success

Take control of your ad revenue & inventory. Mobfox is directly integrated with leading
exchanges and demand partners that allow you to dynamically allocate your inventory
manually or automatically

Automatic Optimization

It’s all yours and it’s free – a built-in algorithm that tracks all your traffic, analyzes performance, and optimizes
activity, finding the best demand for your ad placements, in real time. It streamlines mediation so you can
automatically achieve the maximum revenue possible.

“We built the Autopilot with one goal in mind: to give publishers a smarter way to manage their traffic.”

Michael Ionita-Ganea, Director of Technology at Mobfox.


Mobile Ad Server

Manage, prioritize, and optimize your directly sold and cross-promotional campaigns with the Mobfox Mobile Ad Server.
Integrate your preferred networks through JS Tag or API. We support all vital campaign management, formats, budgeting and targeting features.
Everything is loaded with highlights such as real-time reporting, automated functions and flexibility.

Video Mediation

More than simple video integration, our VAST mediation enables you to easily connect your video exchanges
and better allocate your traffic.